Renting a property


Farndell Estate Agents has prepared this summary to advise you of your costs relating to a tenancy. After you have viewed a suitable property and your offer has been provisionally accepted, subject to references and contract, you will be asked to sign this form as an acknowledgement of your agreement, and to pay the relevant pre-tenancy charges in cleared funds.
Please note that these charges do not constitute a holding deposit and are no guarantee that a Landlord will grant a tenancy to you.

Once the pre-tenancy charges have been received, the property will be suspended from the market for an agreed period of time (subject to Landlord agreement) whilst references are processed and a tenancy agreement is prepared. Providing the references are satisfactory and the Landlord is in agreement with the terms of the offer and confirms to grant a tenancy, further pre move-in preparations will proceed.

The pre-tenancy charges are non-refundable should you decide not to proceed with the tenancy or if you fail to move in on the intended start date. This extends to any misleading information contained in your application including your credit reference application. If the Landlord declines your offer after the pre-tenancy charges have been paid, or decides not to proceed with a tenancy then a refund will be offered to you in full and our best effort made to find alternative properties to assist you.


Pre Tenancy Charges

Administration fee £240
Reference fee (per person aged over 17 years) £60
Guarantor fee (if required) £90

The administration fee can include any or all of the following; completion of a tenancy agreement, invoicing, inventory and schedule of condition, any required notices, assisting with standing orders, arrangement of check-in appointment, contact with utility providers with meter readings provided.

Each person that is to be residing in the property that is aged over 17 on the start date of the tenancy is required to be referenced and named on the tenancy agreement.

If a guarantor is required, you will be advised and asked to pay the guarantor fee at that time.


Other Charges That May Apply

Tenancy renewal fee £60
Tenancy amendment fee or additional administration fee (if applicable) £60
Check-out fee (payable at check-out) £150

The check-out fee can include any or all of the following; completion of the check-out report and providing a report to the tenant if required, handling of the deposit refund between Landlord and tenant.


Please note all of the above fees are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.